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Are You Looking For An Effective Powerbuilding Training Plan?

Feeling motivated to get in the gym can be challenging when you don’t have a clear goal in mind, not to mention it can be overwhelming when you’re first starting out.

Not having anything to work toward can lead to demotivation, making the process of getting yourself to hit the gym even harder. This is when investing in a tailored powerbuilding training plan can be beneficial for helping you reach your fitness goals and beyond.

We offer tailored powerbuilding plans that are typically made within 2 weeks. The 16 week Powerbuilding Plan is designed to help you increase in both size and strength, not just keeping you on track but also helping you to unleash the inner beast. 


My Clients have been able to achieve amazing fat loss results so far.

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This Powerbuilding Training Plan is a gym-based workout with:

  • A 5-day Split - Providing you with the necessary recovery.

  • A Specific Macro Split - To help you track and get the most out of your training.

  • Nutrition Advice & App Tracking - Enabling you to track your body stats, and helping you to take your powerbuilding training to the next level. 

  • Video Tips - Showing you the right form of how to carry out each exercise in the Powerbuilding Plan to help prevent injury and maximise your progress.

Ideal to use with MyFitnessPal and compatible with a Fitbit, Apple Watch and more, you’ll be able to unlock your full potential and engage with like-minded, motivated individuals in a group chat where helpful tips are regularly uploaded over the course of the training plan.

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personal online fitness coach

I have 14 years of experience in the fitness and training industry. I believe in practising what I preach, using gained experience and knowledge of training to personally tailor your experience. I pride myself on using such experience and additional knowledge learned through studying. A PT qualification simply allows an individual to work in a gym, however this is not an indication of acquired experience, it does not teach what is best for the performance.

I have recovered from a major spinal injury, where I was informed I would not lift again, however, 4 years later I'm lifting 325kg with no belt or straps.

- Riccardo Oliver - 

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Are you ready to achieve your powerbuilding goals?

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