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Are You Looking For An Effective Workout And Diet Plan For Fat Loss?

Losing fat is a struggle many people go through, and finding the motivation without a plan and any idea on how to change up your diet can be even harder.

If you don’t hit the right protein target, with an effective resistance plan, then you can miss out on the opportunity to make a serious change.


We’ve created an effective 16-week Fat Loss Plan specially designed for fat loss, which is the perfect solution for achieving maximum progress in your fat loss journey.


My Clients have been able to achieve amazing fat loss results so far.

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This Fat Loss Plan is a gym-based workout and diet plan with:

  • A 5-day Split - So that you can recover and make the most of your workouts.

  • Calories/Macro Split Diet Plan - To ensure you’re headed in the right direction with your specific target.

  • Cardio/Step Target Provided - To help keep your activity level up over the course of the fat loss workout plan.

  • Video Tips - Provided next to your allocated exercises to ensure good form is sustained throughout the 4 month fat loss plan.

  • Group Chat Access - Gain access to our motivating group chat where you’ll be given general advice and updates.

Whilst female plans are focused on glute growth, helping you to achieve that toned, smaller waist physique, male plans are focused on overall muscle growth.


Compatible for both Fitbit and an Apple Watch, the app allows you to track your progress and body stats, whilst also offering you the opportunity to store progress pictures in a photo library of your improvements to see how far you’ve come on this effective fat loss workout plan.

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I have 14 years of experience in the fitness and training industry. I believe in practising what I preach, using gained experience and knowledge of training to personally tailor your experience. I pride myself on using such experience and additional knowledge learned through studying. A PT qualification simply allows an individual to work in a gym, however this is not an indication of acquired experience, it does not teach what is best for the performance.

I have recovered from a major spinal injury, where I was informed I would not lift again, however, 4 years later I'm lifting 325kg with no belt or straps.

- Riccardo Oliver - 

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Are you ready to achieve your fat loss goals?

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